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About us

Why buy canned Braulio Alfageme?

Braulio Alfageme belongs to a family linked since 1873 to the world of canned fish . His great-great-grandfather Bernardo Alfageme started the canning business with the canning trick for flour and textiles. At the end of the 19th century he settled in Candas (Asturias) and at the beginning of the 20th century his son Hermenegildo moved to Vigo, a place that over the years became the headquarters of the company.

Thus begins the history of the Alfageme family that has passed through the best ports in our country: Candas, Vigo, Algeciras, Santoña, Vilaxuan, O Grove and Ribadumia.

A few years ago, after the sale of the family business, he decided to undertake his solo adventure, entering the world of gourmet preserves .

Why do you keep Braulio Alfageme?

Exceptional anchovies, mussels, tuna belly, hedgehog roe – because the first thing in the can is the raw material, it has to be of very good quality, if it is not good, a good manufacturing process does not fix the product.

In the case of anchovy, we only use the variety engraulis encradicolus, that is, bocarte del Cantábrico and our process is completely handmade, always seeking the highest quality.